Product Released Description
You may need to right click and select "Save target as..." to save the .RAR files.
669 to MOD v1.0
1993.07.21 Converts .669 files to 8-channel Amiga MODs.  Very useful in this day and age, I know.   This is version has a minor bug that when converting it doesn't swap tracks 3 & 4, and 7 & 8 to accommodate for Amiga's strange stereo mapping.  I fixed the bug the same day I released 1.0, but 1.1 never circulated.
Alpha-II v1.0
1994.12.15 This is an old program that I used to advertise my BBS when I first started, before I ran PCBoard.  It gives you a glimpse of what's possible in text mode (side scrolling, transparencies, and more than 16 colors).
CRC32 v2.0
1999.10.12 A simple program I wrote that calculates a 32-bit value for any file, not a true CRC though.  I used it to verify that files weren't being corrupted while being pulled across the network.  If anything, the source is good because it shows how to make a .COM file.
N64 Test v1.2
1999.07.27 Tests your N64 adapter.  Displays data in three forms for easy reading.  Supports up to four controllers, simultaneously or individually.  Allows you to specify LPT port and command being sent.  Works with rumble packs.  (I haven't gotten around to building a multi-adaptor yet, so I'm not certain it works.)
SPC to ROM v1.1
Win Console
2002.09.03 Converts an SPC file into a ROM image that can be loaded by the SNES.  This allows you to listen to your favorite game music in its original form.
SPC Tool v0.61
2000.03.25 A multi-utility program for SPC700 dumps.  Emulates the SPC700, edits the ID666 tag in .SPC's, rips .SPC's from .ZST's, rips and changes the BRR data in ROMs, logs DSP output to .WAV and .MID files, contains a complete debugger with disassembler, and other features.
WinAmp Skin v0.7
1999.09.01 The Alpha-II Winamp skin.  Has some inconsistencies in the playlist editor, and no graphics for the equalizer windowshade and mini browser.  Not the neatest skin, but I'd give it three stars (maybe four if it were finished).
WaveOut WDM v1.1
2002.07.15 A replacement wave out plug-in for Winamp that uses the extensible capabilities of the WDM.  Intended to allow 24-bit soundcard owners running Windows 2000 to listen to 24-bit data streams in Winamp.  Obsolete: Nullsoft's waveOut plug-in now supports the wave extensible format.  Or forget all that and use ASIO.
X-Myst v1.0 beta
1994.05.06 Did you like the music and sound effects in Myst?  This program rips the voice data out of the .DAT files.  I originally wrote this program for Myst 1.0 (which, not to my amazement, I can't find), and when I tried it with v1.3 for Win95 it didn't work.  Oh well, the text mode effects I programmed are still cool.  Check it out.